Variety Ilayada


Kerala special traditional Ilayada, it is slightly different from the authentic recipe..

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peanut-1/4 cup


jaggerry-250 gm

water-2 cup




coconut-1/2 cup

rice flour- 3/4 cup

cardamom, cumin and dry ginger powder- 1 tsp


First, melt jaggerry with water. Grind peanut to fine powder, then keep aside. Heat ghee in a pan, add raisins, roast it well, then add banana pieces into it, mix well, next add coconut, combine all for a minute, pour jaggerry juice now, continue mixing, next add rice flour and masala powder, mix it again well until it become soft dough. Dont forget to add peanut powder. Once it cooled down, add the mix in banana leaves, then fold it from all sides, then steam it well.

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