Honey cake



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for cake base

Maida-1/2 cup


baking powder-1/2 tsp

baking soda- a pinch

sugar-1/4 cup


vanilla essance-1/2 tsp

sunflower oil-1/4 cup

honey-2 tbsp

for caramalised almonds


sugar-2 tbs

butter-1/2 tsp

for Honey syrup

sugar -2 tbsp

water-1/2 cup

honey-3 tbsp

yellow food color

other ingredients

whipping cream -1 cup

white compound-300 gm


Mix dry igredints together and strain 3 times, blend egg with vanilla essance, sunflower oil, honey and powdered sugar, then mix all, and make a perfect cake batter. then cook it in a pre heated pan.

Roast badam and crush it, then spread with caramalised sugar, and keep aside.

For making honey syrup, boil sugar, water and honey together.

Beat whipping cream

For cake setting, cut the cake into 3 layers, then soak in honey syrup, then place 1st layer in a cake top, then spread some honey syrup, next apply whipping cream, and spread crushed badam, repeat this for second layer, finally cover the cake with whipping cream. Keep cake in fridge.

For decoration, take a bubble wrapper, cut like the cake shape, then melt white compound with yellow color, then fill this in the wrap, and place this above the cake, then keep the cake in freezer for 10 minutes, then remove the wrap.Make honey bee shapes, and put this over the cake. Finally pour honey above the cake.

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