Pesha Appam


Traditional Pesha Appam recipe with ingredients measurement

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Rice -1½ cup

Urad dal -¾ cup


Coconut -1 nos

Shallot-3 nos

Garlic-2 nos

Cumin seed-¼ tsp

Poha-250 g

Jaggery -½ kg

2 nd coconut milk-1 litre + rice flour-½ cup

Sugar-1 tbsp

Cardamom, dry ginger powder-2 sp

1st coconut milk-½ litre


Take rice and urad dal in a bowl, wash throughly with water, then soak it for 3-4 hrs. Then grind it with poha and coconut, add shallot, cumin and garlic while grinding, transfer the batter to a bowl, then add salt, mix it for 5 minutes continously, then steam it in a plate.

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