Pidi Payasam


This is a dish that is prepared throughout the Malabar region for the Baratu fast that precedes the fast of Ramadan.

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rice flour- 1/ 2 cup



hot water

water- 1 1/2 glass



milk powder- 2 tbsp

crushed nuts


Take rice flour in a bowl, add salt, then pour boiling water, mix well, once the heat is gone knead it with your hand and make a soft dough, divide the dough into equal tiny bites. Boil water in a sauce pan, add the bites, cook it well, stir it occationly, add jaggerry into it, boil it again, next add coconut, then add rice flour and water mix for thickness. mix milk powder and hot water, add to the pan, after 2 minutes of boil turn off flame and add crushed nuts.

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