Wheat flour snack


Snack for evening or breakfast

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water-2 cup


wheat flour-2cup


green chilly-2

coconut oil

turmeric-1/4 tsp

chilly powder-1/2 tsp

fennel-1/4 tsp

pepper powder


boiled eggs

coriander leaves



For dough, boil water in a pan, add salt, then add wheat flour, then turn off flame, mix well, then knead it well to make a soft dough. For filling, heat oil in a pan, add onion and green chilly, saute it well, then add salt and masala powders, combine well, chop boiled eggs to small pieces, then add to pan, combine well, add coriander leaves , then turn off flame. Take the wheat dough, divide it into equal balls, then flatten each one on a siever, add filling , then fold it like half moon, then fry each snack in oil.

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