Chocobar Ice Cream


If you have a liter of milk, you can prepare chocobar ice cream at home, which is very popular with children.

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To prepare this, boil a liter of milk in a pot and add enough milkmaid for sweetness. When it boils well, mix two teaspoons of corn flour with a little water and add it. You should keep stirring it without stopping it, when it thickens well, you can add a little vanilla essence and keep it aside to cool. When it is cold, take it in a glass and pour it into the ice cream molds and fill it. You can also put a stick on top. For this, you can chill it in the freezer for six hours. Now you can melt chocolate in a glass bowl , This can also be poured into a glass. After removing the ice creams from the mold, the chocolate can be dipped.It can be cooled again on ice and made into a set and can be eaten.

for detailed recipe watch video