Butter scotch pudding



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For caramalised nuts

sugar- 1/2 cup


butter-1 tbsp


for caramal sauce

sugar-1 cup

butter 50 gm

whipping cream-1/2 cup

milk-1/2 cup

for cream

whipping cream-300 ml

sugar-1/2 cup


For making caramalised nuts melt sugar in a pan , add butter and cashews, cook well then turn off flame , transfer into a plate, make small pieces once it cool, next for making caramal sauce melt sugar in a pan then add butter and whipping cream mix well then take half of it from it, the add milk and loose the mix. Whip the cream with sugar, then add caramal sause and mix again. In a glass tray layer bread slices after dipping caramel sauce, place nuts above it, then spread cream above it, again nuts. Keep this atleast 2 hr in fridge

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