Nadan velleppam



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Pachari(Raw rice) 2 cup

cooled rice 1 cup


Grated Coconut 11/2 cup

suger – 2 tbs

coconut water – 1/2 cup

(rest for 10 hours until fermented)

salt to taste

water as needed

ellenna (sesame oil)


To make batter Grind coconut and add coconut water , 2 tablespoon of sugar , raw rice (wash and soak in for 4-5 hours), boiled rice and water . Grind the mix till it get smooth( shouldn’t be too watery and thick). Pour it in vessel and add salt . Mix with hand and rest it for a whole night(8 hours) to get fermented. After fermenting make appam in vellayappam pan as shown in the video.

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