Palakkad special Vishukkanji


Palakkad special Vishu breakfast recipe, its delicious and tasty.

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White rice : 1 glass


Green gram : 1/4 glass

Cluster bean seed : 1/4 glass

Coconut : 1 for milk extraction &1/2 to add directly

Salt : to taste

Water : to adjust consistency


Take coconut milk from coconut, then set aside. Dry roast green beans and cluster beans separately, then just crush it in a mixer. In a pressure cooker, add raw rice, crushed beans, second coconut milk and water, then cover the cooker and cook it for 1 whistle. Once the pressure gone, open it and add salt and water, boil it again, next add coconut and salt, combine well, finally add thick coconut milk, mix once again then turn off flame.

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