Steamed Appam with banana


This steamed Appam is very healthy. If you have ripe and over riped banana fruit, it is also a good recipe to make. Let’s see how to prepare.

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•Pachari – one cup


•Jaggery – 200 grams

•Water – quarter cup

•Milk – two table spoon

• Coconut milk – one cup

•Salt – half teaspoon

•Yeast – half teaspoon

•Fruit – Two

•Little hot water – half a cup

•Sesame – one teaspoon


After washing the rice well, soak them in water for three hours.200 grams of jaggery can be melted and sieved in quarter cup of water and kept warm. After three hours, drain all the water and put it in a big mixing jar, along with half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of instant yeast, and two chopped small fruits. Then pour half a cup of hot water and grind it well. After grinding it well, you can add hot jaggery juice in to it. Grind one more time. Transfer it to a large bowl. Add a teaspoon of sesame seeds to this and stir again. Leave in a small warm place for an hour.After an hour, the dough will rise well. After boiling water in a steamer, after applying butter to the idli plate, pour the flour that has risen little by little. It can be steamed for 10 minutes. Delicious dessert is ready.

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