Mackerel Fish Curry


Let’s see how to prepare Ayala Mulakittath with a nice condensed broth in hotel style.

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First, clean and wash the fish well, then put a little oil in an clay pan in the stove, add a big tomato to it, fry it and keep it aside. Similarly, fry five or six small onions, then add some mustard and fenugreek seeds to the oil and crack them, then add curry leaves, dry chillies, ginger and garlic and fry well. Next you can add enough chilli powder and turmeric powder. Beat the previously fried tomatoes and small onions in a mixer and pour it into a paste.After it is well mixed, tamarind water can be poured into it, valam tamarind or kudampuli can be added, add enough salt and some water and boil it well. When it boils well, you can add the fish, after that, turn off the heat, and lastly, add the fried cherry and curry leaves to it, then mix and serve.

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