How to make Pure Desi Ghee from Milk


Home-made Ghee Recipe

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(Here is one of the traditional ways of home-made ghee recipes, from scratch, by collecting the cream, from cooled, boiled, full fat milk, for several days, and making butter out of it, followed by the making of ghee. There are 2-3 methods through which we can prepare ghee from milk, but am sharing the authentic and traditional way through which ghee was prepared in my maternal home. Ghee making is a very divine process and if you relish doing it, this is really going to relax and rejuvenate your mind and soul. I love to do this process t home and get refreshed myself. I guess you too want to get refreshed like me. Enjoy the Ghee making at your home and get relaxed !



Full fat milk

Method of preparation

Boil the milk in a clean saucepan and once boiled, simmer for 5 more minutes until the cream (paal paada) is settled on the surface. Let the milk cool. Refrigerate for 4-5 hours. Now remove the thick cream collected on the top of the milk with a perforated spatula. Keep the cream in a container along with 2 tbsp of curd/youghurt (this helps to set the cream as curd). Close the container and keep in the chiller or the freezer, depending on how you plan to delay the ghee making process. You may be able to collect the extra cream on the next day also from the same milk. Collect the cream for several days, through the same process, until you are free to make the ghee making. Now remove the collected cream from the fridge and add 2-3 tbsp of sour curd into it. Keep outside for a day to set it completely as curd.

Now add the cream part by part into a mixer wet jar, along with ice cold water and blend the jar intermittently. Don’t blend the jar for more than 30 sec continuously, which may heat up the jar. After a couple of minutes you can notice that the butter is getting separated from the fluid and getting floating on the top layer. Collect the butter from the top layer into a bowl of ice cold water. Collect all the butter from all the batches and the remaining fluid is called the butter milk which is a very healthy drink too (you may add green chillies, ginger, curry leaves and salt, which makes an excellent coolant drink).

Now keep a pan on stove into which add the collected butter and melt on low to medium flame, stirring intermittently. Wait for the water to get completely evaporated and then for the milk solids to turn golden brown and the ghee is separated in golden yellow colour. This may take 15-20 minutes. Let it cool and then filter the ghee to remove the milk solid particles. Keep the clear ghee in air tight glass bottle and can be used for your daily household needs. The cooled ghee gets solidified. You can see both the fresh ghee and the old ghee bottles in our video.

I have also used the traditional wooden whisk (“Mathu”) here. This process may take more time for getting the butter separated from the curd. But this process of churning is also an exercise for the hands and enjoy doing this if at all you have free time.

The Ghee making process is a step by step process. Once you start doing this process, you will never go behind the store bought ghee. Start doing this divine Ghee making process at home and get refreshed yourself.