Nadan Kerala Porotta Video Recipe …. christmas special


Nadan kerala porotta

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2 cups Maida ( all purpose flour)


1/2 cup boiled and cooled milk

Water as neede.

salt for taste

1 tbsp sugar

1 egg


Take a large bowl

add milk

add salt

add sugar

add egg

Beat it with a beater or a fork.

add flour to it

and Knead well

flour is soft.

cover it with a wet towel or cloth which is clean.

keep it aside for 2 hours.

flour is now fermented well and is double the amount.

add 1 tbsp oil and knead well

make small small balls of flour.

spread it with a chappathi stick after pouring oil on counter top.

spread as much as u can.

cut it into small desired shapes for Porotta.

fold it and spread again as shown in video

cook it in a frying pan

spread oil in pan

cook the Porotta both sides untill both sides are cooked well

take 4-5 porottas together and keep in one above other on table counter and beat from all sides

layers comes out nicely

Porotta is ready to serve.

Serve hot with your favourite side dish….

beef….chicken..mutton…vegetable kuruma…egg roast…..

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