chicken dumbiryani eazy recipy

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make a recipe easy to remember that you can make a rice And what can be done faster than a lot of time

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✔ Days can be done on the day. Ginger garlic can be prepared.
✔ Then paddle , cooker, a few plates ready (to get fried)
✔ Then you need to set the time to cook. The video gets more handy.
✔ Makea bowl toget tired or smaller and array
✔ used plates spoon tomake it quickly.
✔ Vegetables waste can all be put together into a large cupboard.
✔ Children have a lot of vegetable in their home..How they will not feel overwhelmed with it.
✔The chicken is small pieces and is easy to wrap and masala.
✔ Make ghee or oil or dalda to heat well.
✔ I have not added anything to get the color to get a smell, but a natural biryani smell is a home … the color picture will show.


Yogurt – 2 TBS
Chilli Powder – 1 TSP

Chicken – 1 KG
onion – 4/5
green pepper – 3
ginger – MEDIUM SIZE
garlic – 8
Garam Masala
and tomatoes – 3
coriander – 2 TBS
powder – 1 TBS
turmeric – 1/2 TBS
Kashmiri chilly powder – 1 TSP
salt and
yogurt – 2 TSP


Basmati Rice – 21/2 glass
lemon – 1medium
, onion – 4
bar – 3 small
clove – 5
star anise
Cardamom- 2
peppers – 10
of raisins
and cashew
dalda (optional)

a. First, the chicken with yogurt ➕ mulakpeati ➕ half-hour reality, adding salt.

(This half hourly work is done to make Basmati rice, half a hour so it is necessary to make it all in the chicken and fry the onion, ginger garlic, garlic and lemon to make an ingredient ready for half an hour. The onions will have time to turn on the onion)

b. If half an hour we have two rice to do the rice. ➕ Let’s
start chicken and start frying onions. Add ginger garlic, garlic and tomato, add chopped nuts and cook.

(Whether it is time for chicken cooking, adding onion, vegetable oil, to taste it all)

c. Mix cooked chicken is closed between … add water and salt, if varrikkanamavasyam in there after openly burned,, garam masala, 2 tsp of yogurt, coriander and. So let’s take the ini loading chicken roll.

d. Now let’s heat the dalda ➕ ghee … and fry the onion in it. Add another time in ghee in another newspaper and heat it up to 3 mts of vegetable oil. (You can also make a crispy
smoker .. If you are vegetable warming, you can start building the rice so that you can start boiling for 2 times the amount of rice Place)
e. For rice, the key is to hedge, cardamom, cloves, pepper, caste and mace to heat 3 tsp. Add water rice, add 2-3 mts of water, add water, boil water, boil water, add water, salt, add a little lemon and mix well.

5 to 1 dir biryani

5 – Close the cooker without the whip and put the rice in hot water in a low flame 5 mts can be added to vegetable and seasoned onions.

4 – The water at the opening is a little over 4 mts in the fire. Water is low but you can put 4 mts of fire on medium fire and then open the door for 15 minutes at the whistle.

(Now I’ll do it … It’s 3,2,1 Come .. If you have an old pan, let’s put it on a biryani bowl on top of it .. I’ve done the intake of the intrinsic china in the beginning .. It’s time to heat some water. That’s it)

🍜 🍜 🍜 ‘Em layer – First of ghee and put it in the newspaper and spread it over the chicken, onions and fried rice take longer and leveled .., grapes, add a tsp ghee with cashew nuts, coriander .. the chicken is no longer blank with a layer do not need all the rest of the SPA. On the flat plate can be taken. Cover with aluminum paper ceyyam..atillenkil kneaded wheat flour or buried.

Now the rest of the 5 to 1

3. Sino pots to heat water in a vessel, and put them in boiling pot biryani .. definitely over. Make 3 mts fire low

2. Medium to High will definitely fire 2 mts (ft thick enough to fire without biryani vessel ideally Medium)

1. Theme of the .. 1 can use the mt ..

Let’s suppose that someone will be useful … Seam method was successful in rice at all … If you liked it useful useful comments please leave a comment … TRY … love