Broken wheat snack



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Broken wheat-1/2 cup



milk-1/4 cup

oil-4 tbsp


baking powder-1/4 tbsp

wheat flour-1/4 cup

garlic chopped-6

grated carrot-2

cabbage-250 gm

spring onion-150 gm

brocoli cooked-100gm



Soak broken wheat in hot water for 1/2 hrs. In a bowl add eggs, milk, oil, salt  wheat flour, and baking powder then mix well and keep aside. Heat a pan add oil, garlic, and athor veggies one bye one , saute well, next add broken wheat, and 3/4 of the egg mix into it and cook well. Then take a glass tray, grease with butter, put the veg mix , spread some cheese above it, again veg mix , level it, then bake for 5 min, and pour the egg mix above it , then bake again.

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