Chicken Manthi


Chicken Manthi can be prepared at home easier than making Biryani.

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2 kg chicken cut into large pieces. Add Pepper powder, Chili powder, Two capsicum finely chopped Two onions finely chopped Half a cup of sunflower oil Adequate salt Two handfuls of coriander leaves A handful of mint leaves Four maggi cubes Mix well with your hands. Put this pan in the oven and cook the chicken well. Now add water to a large pot and add some spices. Add a dry lemon, salt and some sunflower oil and let it boil. When it boils well, you can add rice to it. After the rice is cooked, put the rice in a flat bowl and fry the chicken on top of it and add some chicken fried oil, turmeric powder and milk mix above. After putting three or four green chillies in it, take some charcoal in a pot and smoke it, cover the pot and smoke it well and serve it.

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