Vegetable Cutlet


You can prepare vegetable cutlet at home with the same taste as you get at the bakery.

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To prepare the masala, first heat a pan with a little oil in the stove, add a teaspoon of fennel seeds and fry it, then add an onion and some chopped curry leaves and saute it well, Next Add two tablespoons of ginger garlic, green chili paste and mix it all together. Next, add two cups of grated carrot, one cup of grated beetroot, half a cup of beans and a quarter cup of green peas, mix and cook well. Now you can add spice powders quarter teaspoon turmeric powder one teaspoon chili powder half teaspoon black pepper powder half teaspoon garam masala powder enough salt Add all these and mix well and remove the raw smell of the powders. Then you can add the cooked potatoes to it. After mixing well with the masala, switch off the flame and don’t forget to add some coriander leaves to mix. Now take some cornflower in a bowl and mix it with a little water. Then you can dip this cornflour mix in the mix and coat it with bread crumbs and then add the cutlets to the oil and fry them well.

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