Chicken curry


Chicken Curry is a traditional Indian dish made by simmering chicken pieces with plenty of spices, herbs, onions and tomatoes. It is best combination to rice, chapathi, putt, idiyappam and some more items.

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Lets see a wonderful chicken recipe

First, heat oil in a pan, pop mustard, then add dry chilly and curry leaves, next add onion , saute it well, add ginger and garlic crushed into it, , mix well, then cover the pot to cook well, after 5 minutes, add masala powders into it, turmeric, chilly powder, coriander powder and garam masala, combine all, once the raw smell gone, add tomato and salt, mix until tomatoes are soft, next add chicken pieces, mix with masalas, cover the pan and cook it well, finally add crushed chillies, it is very optional, if you want more spicy, dont skip. Now curry is ready.


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