Wheat Payasam


Gothambu Payasam is a traditional, tasty dessert made by simmering broken wheat with jaggery syrup & garnished with nuts & flavours. Gothambu Payasam is made for religious festivals, special occasions, Onam Sadhya and relished after meal. Gothambu Payasam is a nice alternate to the regular payasam & healthy too.

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whole wheat-1 cup


water-2-3 cup


second extract of coconut milk

cardamom-2 pinch

dry ginger powder-2 pinch

salt-1 pinch

thick coconut milk



Soak whole wheat for 3 hrs, then cook it in pressure cooker by adding required water, turn off gas after 3 whistle come out. Open the cooker after the pressure gone, transfer the wheat into a round pan, stir it well, pour jaggerry juice, mix well, now pour second extract of coconut milk, don’t stop stirring, add cardamom and dry ginger powder, after 5 minutes of cooking add thick coconut milk and roasted cashews, mix it, then turn off flame.

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