Sadya special kootukari



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for making the Koottucurry Masala

Coconut oil – 2 tablespoon


Cumin Seeds – 1 table spoon

Black pepper – 2 table spoon

Dry Red Chilies – 5 numbers


Stir well the above mentioned ingredients together in a Pan , until the color changes into natural black. Black Pepper will start sprout due to the heat from the pan. Add six seven curry leaves along with them and turn off the flame. Wait for some minutes and grind well in a Mixer.

Ingredients for Koottucurry

White Chenna – 150 gm

Yarm – 150 gm

White Gourd – 150 gm

Snake Gourd – 150 gm

Pumpkin – 150 gm

Raw Green Banana – 150 gm

Turmeric Powder – 0.5 Teaspoon

Kashmiri Chilly Powder – 2.5 Teaspoons

Salt – 1.5 Teaspoons

Jaggery – 20 gm

Asafoetida – 20 gm

Water – As required

Grated Coconut – 1 Cup


Place a Pan on flame as per your requirement, and boil all the ingredients mentioned above. Add water according to the quantity to which all the ingredients are boiled well. Add Asafoetida and a bunch of curry leaves. In the time being, fry the grated coconut along with two table spoon of coconut oil. Fry until the color turns into golden brown. Switch off the flame, and grind a small portion of fried coconut in a mixer. Again switch on the flame, mix all the boiled vegetables with the grated coconut well, along with the grinded coconut paste in the same pan where all the coconut is being fried. Add the masala towards the mix, stir well for 5 minutes. Add curry leaves accordingly. The Koottucurry is ready to serve.

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