Egg puffs



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for dough

maida-1 cup



powdered sugar 1/4 tsp

water-1/4 cup

For filling



green chilly-1

ginger- small piece


curry leaves

turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

chilly powder-1/2 tsp

coriander powder-1/4 tsp

tomato sauce-1 tsp

garam masala

boiled egg-2


First , make maida dough with above said ingredients, then rest for 20 minutes. For making masala, heat a pan, add oil, vegetales, and masalas, cook well, and keep aside. Take the dough, knead well, and flattern it with butter, and fold from 2 sides, then keep in refrigirator for 20 minutes, keep this process for 2 times, then cut the sheets into 4 parts, fill with masala and boiled egg,brush with milk,and cook in a pan.

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