Aval Snack


Easy and tasty evening snacks with poha

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aval or poha -1 cup


gram flour or besan -2 tbsp

onion -1 medium

green chilli -1

carrot -1 small finely grated

cabbage -1 cup

turmeric powder -1/4 tsp

cumin powder -1/4 tsp

coriander powder -1 tsp

chilli flakes -1 tsp

garam masala -1/2 tsp

chaat masala -1/4 tsp

(can replace chaat masala with 1/2 tsp lemon juice)

salt-1 tsp

kayam or asafoetida -2 pinch

ginger garlic paste- 1/2 tsp

water as required

paneer 50 gm

schezwan sauce -1.5 tbsp

oil to deep fry


Grind poha, then make a fine powder. Add this powder to a bowl, then add gram flour, vegetables, masala powders, chilly flakes, hing and salt, then knead it well, add water, mix it again, then keep aside. Take paneer, and chop it into small pieces, add schezwan sauce, then mix it well. Take the veg mix, take a large ball size, then flatten it in your palms, add filling, then fold it like cutlet, after that, fry this.

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