Nawabian sweet Kunafa

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Semiya- 1 pkt


sugar- 3 tbsp

ghee- 2 tbsp

milk- 1/4 cup

custard powder- 1 tbsp

corn flour- 1 tbsp

milk – 2 cup

milk maid-1/2 cup

crushed pista


Heat ghee in a pan, add semiya, roast it well, then add powdered sugar into it, mix well until it become sticky, then transfer it to a glass container, tightly press it with a bowl. In a small bowl, add milk, corn flour and custard, mix well, remove lumps. Boil milk in a pan, add the custard mix, stir it well, once it become thick add milkmaid, stir it again until it become thick. pour the mix above the semiya layer, add crushed pista above the layer, next set second layer of semiya, again add pista, then set aside for cool enough, then serve it.

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