Black halwa


Juicy halwa can be made with just three ingredients. Its specialty is that it does not require oil or ghee.

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Aval – 1 cup


Jaggery – 300 grams

Coconut – one

How to prepare

• Roast it well and grind it.

• Melt the jaggery in half a cup of water and strain it.

Take the first milk, second milk and third milk of a coconut. You need three cups of coconut milk with everything.• Add powdered aval in coconut milk and grind it well. Pour it into a pan, add a cup of water and put it in the oven. When it reduces a little, add jaggery juice and boil it well until it become thick and non sticky. then. Transfer it to a bowl. Halva is ready. When cool, cut into desired shapes.

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