Momos are a type of steamed filled dumpling in Tibetan and Nepali cuisine that is also popular in neighbouring Bhutan and India. This is favourite food of kids. Lets make it at home..

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First prepare the dough for momos. For this, mix one and a half cups of flour and enough salt in a bowl with a little sunflower oil and add a little water and knead it well to make it soft. Keep it aside.Next we can prepare the filling for the momos.For that,break 4 eggs in a pan and scramble them well. Add enough salt and pepper powder and then transfer it to another bowl. Add chopped onion, some coriander leaves, some soya sauce and some salt to it and mix it and keep it aside. Now let’s prepare the momos chutney, for this add two chopped tomatoes and three quarters of Kashmiri chillies to a pan, add a little water and cook it well. After it gets hot, you can pour the mixture in a jar and beat it again, put it in a fan, after pouring some oil, add this mix, add salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tomato ketchup to it and mix it. When it boils well and becomes short, you can switch off the flame, now you can prepare the momos. Take small balls from the kneaded dough and spread it on a chapati board with a little powder. flatten it into nice layer , Cut a small circle with a small cap. Put each egg filling in the palm of your hand and then hold it tightly from the side and cover it well on the top and make it into a momos shape. Once everything is prepared like this, it can be steamed and eaten with the chutney prepared earlier.


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